Still Life – 2015





This was a final project for a class, intermediate 3D. I modeled, shaded all the elements in this image. Maya.


Personal Projects


A bug I did when I applied to the application program at BYU


Lego figure on Breaking Bad – Heisenberg


Projects and studies

layout (1)

A layout image I did for one of my classes.


This is an extra credit I did for an Art History class a bit ago. It summarizes the Harry Potter plot in four panels, focusing on Harry’s life main events.

The top one is depicting when Harry’s parents died. The second is when he received his acceptance letter from Hagrid. The third is when Voldemort came back to life through really really deep dark magic, and the last one is their final battle in Hogwarts.

The scripting is real and researched. It is based on Egyptian old writing. The top one says “neither can live while the other survives”; the second says “you’re a wizard, Harry”; the third one says “the Dark Lord shall rise again”; and the last one says “Priori Incantatem”.

I got an A on the project, but still got a B in that class.



Alfalfa. He’s a stud.



This was a final project for a drawing class. The Galaxy Chicken Squad.



This was a project for a class: food truck ideas. Sushi, because it’s sushi.



A few sketches on Dumbledore after reading a bit about this man.